Generative Artist


Jan 2016 - present

New York, NY

I make art with code!

Senior Software Engineer


Jan 2021 - present

New York, NY

Building apps and visualizers for machine learning systems at Twitter Cortex.



March 2019 - August 2019

New York, NY

Designed, built, and owned MVP for the human-in-the-loop platform to standardize the art knowledge graph for company's machine learning department.

Software Engineer III


Jan 2017 - Jun 2018

New York, NY

Led the development and architectural design of internal billing app until beta release, saving up to an estimated total of 180+ human work days per year.

Software Engineer I → II


Apr 2014 - Mar 2016

Boston, MA

Built and owned development of SQL validation application to avert outage-causing queries, preventing millions of dollars in revenue losses.

Apprentice Software Engineer


Jan 2014 - Apr 2014

Boston, MA

Entered through company's apprentice program, which hires those without a formal computer science background and trains them to become full-fledged software engineers on the job.

Associate Product Manager


Jun 2012 - Aug 2013

Boston, MA

Managed the product innovation cycle at an art auction tech startup.

Research Assistant (term-time)

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Sept 2010 - May 2011

Cambridge, MA

Contributed research for visiting professor's book focusing on interactive digital media and performance: "Playing Along: Digital Games, Youtube, and Virtual Performance" by Oxford University Press.

Curator (term-time)

Gallery 263

Oct 2009 - Apr 2010

Cambridge, MA

Curated the March 2010 exhibition for a local nonprofit arts organization.


Pioneer Works

Artist-in-Residence, Tech

Jul 2016 - Nov 2016

Brooklyn, NY

Pioneer Works is a Brooklyn-based center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture. As a tech resident there, I spent my days making generative art with code.

Recurse Center


Mar 2016 - Jun 2016


Received grant for programmer's sabbatical at the Recurse Center to work on personal coding projects. Explored generative art and submitted a small patch for a Git bug.


Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Master's (SM) - Computational Science and Engineering

Cambridge, MA
2019 - 2020

Harvard College

Bachelor's (AB) - History of Art and Architecture

Cambridge, MA
2008 - 2012


NFT Art Week Shenzhen, 2021

Two pieces exhibited at NFT Art Week Shenzhen via Neal Digital Gallery.

Museum of Crypto Art, 2021

Several works housed digitally in the Museum of Crypto Art community collection.

EthBlockArt, 2021

Created a generative art series for on-chain NFT platform.

Hacker News Front Page, 2020

Front page post for ML-based creative coding project, Mona Lisa Effect.

Tensorflow Community, 2020

Featured Tensorflow Community home page demo for ML-based creative coding project, Mona Lisa Effect.

Faces of Open Source, 2019

Featured on Faces of Open Source as a pioneering practitioner and teacher of p5.js.

New York Fashion Week, 2019

Installation for emerging brand at NYFW Men's Show.

VICE Magazine, 2017

Creating coding project featured in Italy's VICE Motherboard.

Pioneer Works, Second Sundays, 2016

Artist-in-Residence open studio for Pioneer Works' signature event, Second Sundays.

p5.js Front Page, 2016

Featured illustration for the p5.js front page.

Illuminus Boston, 2014

Installation collab with In Divine Company for Sculpted Guardian Illumined.


NYC Salon 2021

Gave talk on my artistic process at a private satellite event for NFT NYC.

OSCON 2019

Delivered workshop on how to make art with JS framework, p5.js. Portland, OR. July 2019.

Pycon 2018

Conducted a workshop on making art with Python. Cleveland, OH. May 2018.

Strangeloop 2017

Presented a workshop on how to make art with p5.js. St. Louis, MO. September 2017.

Coding Train

Gave a 40-minute guest tutorial, Matrix Digital Rain in p5.js, on the popular Youtube programming series, Coding Train. The tutorial has recieved 170,000+ views. February 2017.

Code as Craft

Code as Craft is an engineering talk series curated by Etsy. Presented "Journey into Creative Coding." Brooklyn, NY. October 2016.

CodeConf 2016

CodeConf is a general code conference by Github. Presented workshop on Git's DAG structure. Los Angeles, CA. June 2016.

OSCON 2016

OSCON, O'Reilly Open Source Convention, is the world's largest open source gathering. Presented Dissecting Git's Guts, which demystifies the internal workings of Git. Austin, TX. May 2016

Git Merge 2016

Git Merge is the pre-eminent Git conference. Presented a talk, "Dissecting Git's Guts", which walks through Git's underlying DAG structure via the usage of low-level commands. New York, NY. April 2016.

O'Reilly Media

Presented on code, art, and craft for O'Reilly Media's webcast series. January 2016.

BostonPHP - 200 Days of Code

Lectured on advanced object oriented programming principles in PHP for Boston PHP's education series, 200 Days of Code. Topics included interfaces, abstract classes, type-hinting, name-spacing and design patterns (factory, singleton, strategy methods). Boston, MA. March 2015.



Proficient in: Python, Git, p5.js, SQL, scientific computing libraries (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, keras), Javascript

Prior experience with: Tensorflow.js, React, Redux, Webpack, Neo4j, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Elastic Search, GCP, PHP, jQuery, Apache Storm, shell scripting, Jenkins, Puppet, Bootstrap, CSS & HTML, Graphite, C, Processing, Java

Editing & Prototyping Software

Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Rhino (beginner)


Street fashion photography published in editorials on Featured by various media outlets: Nylon Magazine, USA Today, Improper Bostonian, Bostinno, and Boston Globe. My photos have also appeared in Huffington Post and Policy Mic. Click here to learn more.


Below are some of my open source contributions, though each modest in scope. See my Github for more details.


Corrected for a misfeature in which passing in an empty string as a pathspec matched all paths. First step consisted of a deprecation: see commit d426430e for details. Step 2 removes the warning and throws an error instead: see commit 9e4e8a64.


p5.js is a visual language library. Coded the homepage feature sketch for the month of August 2016. Commit f9fb275. Also contributed as an educator: taught various classes on making art with p5.js.

Etherpad Lite

A realtime collaboration editor. Wrote an additional client-side hook with the goal of tracking visits via Graphite.

Ace Editor

Embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. Identified and fixed a text rendering error.