Gen XX. Seattle NFT Museum. Seattle, WA. Feb - Apr 2023

Proof of Concept. Presented by Co-Museum, Singapore Art Week. Curated by Clara. Singapore. 2023

FEMGEN, Miami Art Week. Presented by VerticalCrypto and RightClickSave. Miami, FL. 2022

perceive(), Marfa Gallery. Curated by 0xTechno, PlutoniumF, Proper. Marfa, TX. 2022

Kunsthalle Zurich, DYOR. Curated by Nina Roehrs. Zurich, CH. 2022

Unit London, In Our Code (Flowers in Bloom). Curated by AOI. London, UK. 2022

1st Dibs, Coded Elegance, curated by Sarah Meyohas. 2022

Standard Vision x Vellum. Showcase throughout city of Los Angelos, CA. 2022

The Armory Show. Assemblage. Exhibited by Cortesi Gallery. New York, NY. 2022

Bright Moments, London Collection. Off Script (solo). London, UK. 2022

Times Square. Showcase by Curated XYZ. New York, NY. 2022

Artblocks x Samsung. Private Event. New York, NY. 2022

EXPO Art Week Chicago. Art After Hours. Chicago, IL. 2022

Artsy x Vellum. Artists Who Code. 2022

NFT Art Week. Curated by Neal Digital Gallery. Shenzhen, China. 2021

New York Fashion Week. Installation for Sundae School show. New York, NY. 2019

Pioneer Works. Second Sundays, Open Studios. Red Hook, NY. 2016


Outland Art. Creative Inputs. 2022

Bright Moments Quarterly. Off Script. 2022

White Hot Magazine. Art & NFTs at Consensus. 2022

Tensorflow Community Front Page. Bringing the Mona Lisa Effect to Life with Tensorflow.js. 2020

p5.js Front Page Featured Illustration. 2016


Pioneer Works. Artist-in-Residence, Technology Department

Pioneer Works is a Brooklyn-based center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture. Red Hook, NY. 2016

Recurse Center, NYC

Received grant for programmer's sabbatical at the Recurse Center to work on personal coding projects. Explored generative art and submitted a small patch for a Git bug. New York, NY. 2016


Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Masters (SM) in Computational Science and Engineering. Cambridge, MA

Harvard College

Bachelors (AB) in History of Art and Architecture. Cambridge, MA


Bright Moments, London Collection Panel. London, UK. 2022

Bright Moments Panel. NFT NYC. 2022

NYC Salon. Private event - NFT NYC Edition. 2021

OSCON. Making art with p5js. Portland, OR. 2019

PYCON. Making art with Python. Cleveland, OH. 2018

Strangeloop. Making art with code in p5.js. St. Louis, MO. 2017

Coding Train. Guest Tutorial #4: Matrix Digital Rain in p5.js. 200,000+ views. 2017

Code as Craft: Etsy Engineering Series. Journey into Creative Coding. Brooklyn, NY. 2016

CodeConf. Git internals workshop. 2016

Git Merge. Dissecting Git's Guts. New York, NY. 2016


Git Source Code

Corrected misfeature for empty string as pathspecs. Commits: d426430e and 9e4e8a64. 2016 - 2017


Coded the homepage feature sketch for the month of summer 2016. Commit: f9fb275. Contributed as an educator: taught various classes on making art with p5.js.

Ace Editor

Fixed text-rendering error.