Off Script is a generative art series of 100 pieces that algorithmically examines early 20th century modernist art and collage. Its skeuomorphic nature translates particularly well to print form.

Official prints for this series will be available as a token-limited edition. This means that anytime an NFT from this series is sold––either on the primary or secondary market––then the new owner has the right to purchase one official print corresponding to the piece. Once the owner either sells the NFT or purchases the print, then their ability to acquire an official print closes.

Each print will be on fine art Hahnemühle German Etching paper with deckled edges, sized at 18 x 24 inches. They will be inspected, hand-signed, and editioned by the artist.

All prints and framing will be done through a premier fine art print studio in NYC.

It is recommended to frame your print through this official service. All frames are hand-made with solid wood and come in two different colors: black and white. While the color choice is ultimately up to the purchaser, the artist recommends a white frame for lighter palettes (in particular, Wallflower), and a black frame for outputs with any black or predominantly darker hues.

The print will be mounted in museum float, and set behind anti-reflective museum acrylic.

A signed print will be $700, payable by either ETH, USDC, or USD. A signed print that is framed will be $1250. Shipping within the US will be complementary. International shipping will vary, and will be determined before the order is confirmed.

Print orders will be processed at the end of every odd-numbered month. Any foreseeable delays in processing will be communicated ahead of time. While Off Script official prints will be available with this set up until the end of 2024, please note that after then, we reserve the discretion to adjust the offerings and timelines.

For any orders outside of the standard sizing and offerings, please contact the artist.

From 2022 - 2023, the official Off Script prints default offering was sized at 24 x 32 inches, on fine art Hahnemühle German Etching paper with deckled edges.